Moon valley in La Paz: how to get there for free

Moon valley is a real treasure of Bolivia and a godsend for tourists, because it can be easily reached by bus. Moreover, the moon valley can be viewed for free. As soon as we got back from Rurrenabaque to La Paz, enough to be warmed in the tropics, we went to the valley of the moon.

From the city centre of La Paz from Piazza San Francisco or Murio can be reached by bus or minibus (see photo) to the area of Mallasa, the price of public transport 2,5-3 boliviano.

Minibus N 902 from San Francisco square
Bus numbers from the center of La Paz to the Mallasa area (save on your phone to get a better look)

Tourists usually come for a walk in the Valle de La Luna, and the driver always stops at the entrance to the Park. In fact, it is a landscaped area from the valley.  There are bridges, footpaths and observation platforms. And all the tourists visiting the actual capital of Bolivia-La Paz, trying to get here. But still here somehow very well-maintained and a lot of tourists…

Entrance to Valle de la Luna 15 centuries. You can see it from the road. (Photo: stop near the Park)

And now the most important thing! Moon village is only 10% of the beauty that you can and should actually see being here. It seems that the Park was arranged specifically at the beginning of the Mallasa area, so that tourists had no idea that the valley can be visited somewhere else.

To see a larger moon valley, and even for free, you do not need to go to the Villa de la Luna with the rest of the tourists, and get to the final stop. It is called «Zoology» and there is a modest Botanical and Zoological parks. After leaving the bus or minibus, you should go back a little in the opposite direction along the road to the first intersection and turn right on calle 7. Below is a map with explanations.

If you turn left from this intersection, then after 200 meters there will be a stunning observation deck on the «moon» canyon.

Canyon, by the way, is absolutely not visible from the lunar tourist village. Around, of course, dirty, but the views are gorgeous.

Well, all the fun — from the intersection to the right! We go to the end past the kindergarten and other buildings, then the path goes right past the small groves of Mimosa. Here actually starts the cliffs with developerone sharp spikes.

You may need a way to get to Salar de Uyuni without a tour.

Right again… In General, the path on one. Then she moves away a bit upward.

There’s a river down there, and the gardens of the local people, and they go up and down this canyon every day, and they’ve got a good path. It’s incredible beauty!

After that moon village in General seems somehow childish prattle and even divorce.
And it’s not even 15 Bolivians-it’s the little things, but the fact that what people come here for, really do not see.
vallede la luna

We to the the river hadn’t come down only to the middle, but the climb was not so hard. In any case, it is not harder than walking on the hills in La Paz. If you do enough exploring, you can be in the moon village to look, of course still, on the way back, walk about 2.5 km

By the way, be careful! The dips are really deep, more than 10 meters, and where the bottom is not visible. At times, it all looks very ominous.

Well, a little more photo: 

valle moon

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