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If You have already visited all the interesting places in the surroundings of La Paz, such as valley of the moon, the road of death Yungas, valley of Coca, a jungle near Rurrenabaque, then you can safely hit the road later in Cochabamba. What for? Yes, because only from Cochabamba you can get to the stunning Toro Toro canyon.


How to get from the center to the bus station

From San Francisco square to the bus station in the morning without traffic jams to go 5 minutes by bus. Go to the side of El Prado, in the direction of El Alto and brake the bus or micro, which on the windshield will indicate «terminal».

Before boarding, it is better to ask the driver if he goes to the terminal.


The schedule of buses to Cochabamba

Buses from La Paz to Cochabamba (Cochabamba) depart regularly from the main bus station terminal de bus la Paz at the following address: the intersection of avenida Montes & avenida Peru. Bus schedule: from 6: 30 to the night, companies 6-7 exactly. There are including night buses.

The schedule of one of the companies at the station
Another ticket office, the schedule does not differ significantly from different companies

Prices for tickets From La Paz to Cochabamba: from 39 BOB for a regular bus, they are called «normal»; from 59 BOB for a semi-reclining»semi cama».
Directly at the ticket office we were told that Sunday tickets will be cheaper p little people and transport companies willing to do discounts. Also advised not to buy a ticket in advance, because the closer to the departure, the ticket price will be lower. One of the cashiers told us that. As a result, we came the next day at 7 am to the station, and easily bargained for 30 centuries (about $5) per person per seat on a comfortable semi-reclining (semi-cama) bus company «Cosmos». And after half an hour we went. From La Paz to Cochabamba, the journey takes about 8 hours.


Airport in Cochabamba

Red mark-bus to the airport

From Cochabamba to the airport can be reached by bus from the intersection of calle Guayaramerin & avenida Republica (from the bus station forward a few intersections in front of the overpass). They run from 6: 40 to 22 PM. Price to the airport 2 centuries.

The city itself is cute th, but nothing outstanding. It can be safely missed if you do not have much time in Bolivia. So you can drive from Cochabamba to Toro Toro canyon right on the same day.

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