Toro Toro canyon: how to get there + walking route and dinosaurs


Toro Toro canyon in Bolivia is located in the province of Charkas of the Department of Potosi. It’s not the most popular place. And , inexplicably, quite unfairly not considered mastsee. About him even in Lonely Planet mentioned as the casually. However, in our opinion, it is stunningly beautiful, classic and deep enough canyon with cliffs, plus fairly easy Hiking trails. In addition, you can get to the canyon Toro Toro without a tour.

The national Park has good, well-maintained observation platforms to enjoy the beauty of this miracle of nature.You can take excursions to the caves. Also recently, Bolivians have found traces of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs have made the hallmark of the city of Torotoro.


From Cochabamba by bus

Minibuses run from 3 am to 22 PM every 30-60 minutes, the ticket price is 35 boliviano. The price of the bus is slightly lower than 25 centuries, but they do not go so often: 2-3 buses per day.
In Toro Toro from Cochabamba transport is not sent from the main bus station «terminal de buses Cochabamba». The place of departure of shuttles and bus stop is 2 km to the South of it: all the traffic starts from the intersection of avenida and calle Republica Mairana, one block from parque Pirai.

On the buses go Bolivians, who have a lot of Luggage, and the driver goes when the cabin is fully filled with passengers. It can be about 12 days, but he can easily gather people until the evening. In the village of Torotoro we saw how the bus arrived at about 8 PM, that is, from Cochabamba he had to leave about 16 hours.

The road takes 3-4 hours, comfortable it can not be called. However, if you sit on the left side or in front, you will enjoy the magnificent views.


From Sucre in a taxi-collectivo

Between ToroToro and Sucre run only taxi-collective. It is better, of course, to have your own company to share the costs. In Bolivia the people are not very rich and hardly every day there are willing to shell out 1,000 to 1,200 world war II ($150-180)
To negotiate a taxi in Sucre at the box office, where they sell tickets and collect passengers from Toro Toro to Cochabamba: on calle Charcas or at the corner of calle Montes &calle Saenz, near the market «Mercado Torotoro».

Typically, the direction of Cochabamba (Cochabamba) is reduced to CBBA

In the same place opposite to cash Desk the shop with the automatic machine where it is possible to be connected to the Internet. It is worth noting that this is the only point we noticed in the village, where you can connect to the Internet, and only from a mobile phone. And there, by the way, there is a cheap hostel with a price of 70 BOB ($11) per day for a private room.

The cost of Internet connection 10 minutes-1BOB.


Tours to the national Park

In the village of Torotoro there are 2 offices where you need to buy a permit to visit the Park. One of them is on calle Charcas. There you will also be offered a guide. Without it, it is forbidden to visit the territory of the Park, which to some extent is justified, given the rather dangerous terrain. Admission for foreigners is 100 world war II ($15) for residents of Bolivia is cheaper in 2-3 times. However, it is impossible to call control very strict. To see the canyon Toro Toro without a tour is quite real.
Prices for excursions depend on the number of tourists, usually form groups of 6 people, and the distance of the trip. Met on the Internet reviews that the walking tour of the canyon and the waterfall is worth 100 Bolivian boliviano to 6 people in a full-day trip to the caves of 600 bolivianos per group.


Independent trip to Toro Toro

From the village to the main observation deck «mirador cañon» on foot about 4 km, plus / minus, depending on which way to go. If you go down to the waterfall cascada del Vergel, it is still 1 km down and the same up. We will traditionally describe the route that went themselves through the national Park Toro-Toro, but only you decide which option to prefer. We made our own route and visited the Park without a guide, free of charge, but like all other iconic places in Bolivia.

Are you going to Salar uyuni?

On the street, already mentioned earlier (calle Charcas), passed by the cemetery, moved to the opposite side of the city stream (in July there was no water in it) and through the fields along the path went towards the rio Togo river. From the landmarks on the maps there is point «Pinturas Rupestres». Here begins the canyon and in some places very steep and dangerous precipices. But this still flowers on and. 

If there is no water in the river, then you can basically go along the riverbed to the waterfall. Dry season in Bolivia from March to November. We rested a little, sitting on the centuries-old stones in the riverbed and then climbed up to the opposite side.
Then went out on the trail and went along it in the direction of the observation platforms of the canyon. From this point the trail goes approximately parallel to the circuit Vergel road, on which tourists drive. There is also a checkpoint where most likely check the tickets and the presence of your guide. But we, having chosen other way, have managed and without that and without another.

Passed to the first observation deck on the canyon mirador Chiflon Qaqa. The abundance of some large birds hovering over the precipice, have become a great bonus to the beautiful views of the steep walls of the canyon.

The next point less than a kilometer away was»mirador Huakasenqa». And after another 800 meters the main observation deck on the canyon Torotoro «mirador cañon», which miss — an unforgivable sin! Incredible beauty!

Among the giant boulders and cliffs feel like a bug

Doubted whether to go down to the waterfall cascada del Vergel, but once again worked motivation: «Yes, when we will still be here, and whether?!»And we went.

On the way to the waterfall, we were overtaken by one — the only group we saw during the day with a guide-apparently the other «mourners» walked at the local festival.

Our walking route through the Park, Torotoro, part 1
Our Hiking route through the Park, Torotoro, part 2

On the way back to the city of Torotoro were on the trail circuitо Vergel. Since we returned after 5, the checkpoint was already closed. And already almost at the city, we stumbled upon…


Where dinosaur footprints and how to see for free

I confess, it took a lot of imagination to find similarities pits on the rocks with dinosaur footprints.
Not reaching 50 meters to the bridge across the river in front of the village (below is a map), on both sides of the roadway Anzaldo — ToroToro installed a fence, d 2 small plots, there is a treasured dinosaur footprints. The door to the territory was wide open, and the guard nearby communicated with tourists. We decided not to disturb him, and quietly went inside, into the territory. Made some memorable pictures and went about their business further. By the way, across the road, in a fenced area from the river, dinosaur footprints can be seen directly from the fence.

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In General, all they knew-told. Some believe the Toro Toro canyon in Bolivia is even better than the Colca in Peru. It is difficult to say whether this is so, but in our opinion — it is 2 completely different «miracles of nature», and, of course, if possible, it is worth visiting both. We are waiting for your questions and feedback in the comments.

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Some more photos of the city: 

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