How to get to the deck Mirador seiba

The unique canyon Sumidero (Sumidero) in Mexico is interesting to see not only by boat, but also from a bird’s eye view, for example, to come to the observation deck of the seiba (mirador Ceiba). It is the closest and most accessible for self-travel by public transport. Read below how to get to the observation deck Mirador seiba.

Seiba observation deck on Sumidero canyon

There are several ways to get to Sumidero viewpoint:

  • From Central Park collect tourist bus, costs about 80 pesos / $ 4.3 (information is not verified, so we said one man)
  • You can reach absorci Ceiba taxi OK MXN 500 per machine/27$
  • On the city bus number 24 (numbers may vary: 2406,24….) from the Av. Central Oriente (she goes then on blvd. Fidel Velazquez to the end) you need to get to the area of La Esperanza, costs 6-8 MXN/30-40 us cents.

    Minibuses to the observation deck of the seiba

From the Central market on the team N 37; it is at Calzada al Sumidereo. Perhaps there are others, you can ask the direction of «directo Calzada al Sumidereo» , on transport and it is written, the price is 6-8 MEKS.peso

here are the coordinates of this point 16.795152, -93.090916

Next: from the final public bus you can walk along the road Calzada al Sumidereo, but it is longer. We went along the trail along the street Simohovel (calle Simojovel) and went out on the trail, went a little up and were on the road at the sign «6 km», a lot of cutting at the same time . Without a map can not do, many people like to use offline

For half an hour we reached Mirador, admission is free!

If you have time,be sure to look at the Sumidero canyon from above, and with help from our team «how-to-get» you now know how to get to the observation deck Mirador seiba and easily get yourself.

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Маршрутки на обзорную площадку каньона СумидероОбзорная площадка каньона СумидероОбзорная площадка Сейба на каньон СумидероМаршрутки до обзорной площадки Seiba

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