How to get to the Sumidero canyon without tour

In Mexico, state of Chiapas, there is the stunning Sumidero Canyon (Canon del Sumidero, Chiapas) to the river and the steep rocks to a depth of 1 km. Read to the end, if You want to know how to get to the Sumidero canyon without a tour.

Canon del Sumidero

To get yourself from Tuxtla Gutierrez to the canyon can be on the colectivo, they walk down the street Av. Central Oriente. They say «Chiapa de Corzo».

Bus from Tuxtla’s to Cheapy

To go to the village 30 minutes, costs 15 pesos ($0.8).  Go to the Plaza Angel and go straight to the river.

There are several piers, all located nearby. The ticket to greater collective boat tour on 2-2.5 hours 200 Mex.pesos, in a small on 1-1.5 hours 150 MXN ($8).

The pier from which boats depart for Sumidero canyon

We recommend taking a tour for 2 hours, the boats sail away, and then all the cool and beauty. A lot of tourists come by bus, so do not pay much attention and are not traded.

Boat trip on the canyon del Sumidero

About, crocodiles. Crocodiles-there is! Only 2! So, that arise doubts…

Crocodiles at the Sumidero canyon
Joyful tourists take pictures of the crocodiles during the tour of the Sumidero canyon

By the way, all of a sudden You can’t decide where to stay in Tuxtla or Chiapa, right next to the canyon.

  • Tuxtla faceless, no word. Almost no tourists. ATMs are many. From the stores «OXXO», they are at every step, it is a store 24 hours, respectively, the choice of products is the same. From cheap jam 15мх$, vypisnoy bread, canned goods of 10.0. But in the city there are many markets where vegetables and fruit are available. Large shop «Aurrera Oriente» 4-5 from the center (near the monument Diana Cazadora).
  • The village of Chiapa de Corso, where they collect tours of the canyon, livelier, prettier, more tourists. There is a large store Super Chedraui 1 km from the center, a lot of ATMs.
Chiapa de Corso, Mexico

By the way! If you rent a car in Mexico, it will be useful to calculate the gasoline.

We hope you were useful article «how to get to Sumidero canyon without a tour» and you can easily do it without overpaying! Unforgettable impressions to you in Mexico!
Love and take care of each other and our Planet.

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