San Salvador → El Tunco: hotels, ATMs, shops

Surfer’s Paradise: accommodation, ATMs, shops
The village of El Tunco, not far from the capital of San Salvador, is a Paradise for surfers! Where else would you go for a $ 10 ride? I’m not an expert, but they say: «there is no Cheaper». Read the article «El Tunco: how to get from San Salvador, accommodation, ATMs, shops» and enjoy surfing!

Surfing in El-Tunco, El Salvador

You can get to the place by bus 102A (with air conditioning, a little more expensive), 102 — without cond.
They are written to the destination, and go often. Bus station near the cemetery (17a av. Sur) and then the bass turns on 4A calle Poniente street.
To go for 60 minutes, the ticket of 1.0-1.5$ . Go out in front of the bridge at the intersection.

Bus from San Salvador to El Tunco

As for accommodation, the prices for individual decent rooms from$ 20, but we found an interesting option! For$8! «Tunquito hostal»
At the end of the main street (going straight from the sea, where the rock ) at the intersection on the right, behind a very inconspicuous gate. There is a good Wi-Fi, kitchenette, cold-to, swimming pool (where you can work out exercises directly on the Board), hammocks, the room is not big, but there are even shelves, towels are given, the shower water is cold. For two people per night came out to about 8-10$ if more than 3 days to take.

Жилье в Эль Тунко, 8 $аренда жилья  в Эль ТункоХостел в Эль Тунко с бассеиномБюджетный хостел в Эль Тунко за 8 долларовприватная комната в хостеле

Here’s a Facebook page with all the coordinates and tags
tel (503) 7492813, 23896256

But if you do not want to bathe, you can book in advance, for example on airbnb for new housing you can get a discount of up to 40%.

By the way! Grocery shops in the village are small, but there is everything basic, even a little fruit. On the roadway prices are lower in the cafe too. There is no ATM.
Friends, we hope It was useful for you to learn how to get to El Tunco from San Salvador,read about housing, ATMs, shops. We wish you a great time without overpaying!
That way the contacts teach surfing , we came recommended by a friend . Lessons $ 10 per hour, rent, too, everywhere$ 10 per day.

See also video lessons on surf, they helped us a lot, to be honest, we did not take the instructor at all))) and to be even more honest, I could not make friends with the Board, so I left El Salvador for Guatemala a little disappointed.

El Tunco, SalvadorBuses El Tunco, Salvadorпляж Эль Тунко, Salvadorпобережье океана в эль Тункозакат в El Tunco, Salvador

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