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If you travel in South America from North to South, you are likely to travel from Bolivia to Chile. This option is also suitable for those who are planning a short vacation and want to see 2 neighboring countries, because in Bolivia and Chile a lot of interesting things!

We wanted to Chile because «well, it’s near!»And because it is the only place on the planet where winter is in summer! And, of course, in this regard, I really wanted to go snowboarding. From Uyuni to Atacama you can go by direct bus or with a change to Kalama.
The border between Bolivia and Chile passes through Avaroa (Bolivian side) and Ollague (Chilean).

Initially, we thought to drive to the border of the city there is no escaping nature — as a rule, to make a change at the border in order cheaper than going direct buses across the border between the two countries. But one company the difference in the cost was very small, and in the other box office, we from Uyuni even refused to sell a ticket to this settlement on the border.
Prices for buses from 80 VOV ($11) to the city of Calama and from 130 BOB to San Pedro de Atacama, usually depart at 3 nights, but there are flights to 4 and 5.

Bus station in the city of Uyuni in the open air on the street calle Arce.
On calle Arce street there are many companies, it is better to clarify the schedule and cost the day before.
There are also offices where you can take a direct bus from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama.

The schedule is obviously not permanent. When we asked about the direct bus we were offered Wednesday at 5 am.

Dress warmly and take everything you have with you on the bus. If there is a sleeping bag, you are lucky!

Our bus was not heated, and in general in Bolivia, we did not notice that the drivers would turn on the heating of the cabin. And when on the street about zero, and to go several hours-it becomes a problem.

For travel from Bolivia on the border with the foreigners were charged for 15 BOB ($2), which are just folded in a drawer, a receipt we said no, so it might be not authorized.

The border check there is no escaping nature works: 8:30- 12:30, 14:30- 19:00.
The bus enters the neutral zone and passengers are transferred to the Chilean bus. Here, of course, the bus is warm and not as «tired» as the Bolivian one.

In Chile, entry is free, and, by the way, exit too.

From Bolivia to Chile (as well as from Argentina), you can not carry across the border fruits and vegetables, in General, in any quantities, even 1 Apple, Coca leaves are also prohibited for carriage. So the people in front of the border crossing hastily pogledali their stocks.

Now, about the cash. ATMs in Bolivia on the border there, exchangers, too. On the Chilean side, too. Private changed as it was not observed. So, either change the money in the city of Uyuni, the day before leaving for Chile, or directly in Calama or when you arrive.
The lowest Commission for cash withdrawals is 3500 chil.pesos (about $5) in the Bank Scotiabank. The others are much higher, mostly the Commission is from 5000 pesos.

The bus comes to Antofagasta street and nearby there are many ATMs on Almirante Latorre street.

We left Uyuni at 4 am, arrived in Kalama about 15 of day, including 2-hour waiting for the Chilean bus in the «gray zone» and «passing» the border with checking documents and luggage. If you go to San Pedro de Atacama ,  add exactly 1.5-2 hours.

In Calama from the bus station «Atacama 2000» schedule in San Pedro de Atacama following: 8:00, 13:30, 18:00, bus tickets cost 2500-3000 pesos.
Photos for accuracy in 2 quarters of the company «Frontera del Norte», they had promotional tickets for 2000 pesos. Bank cards are accepted. The schedule is the same.

Travel time to the Atacama for 1.5 hours. Buses arrive at the San Pedro bus Terminal on Tumisa street. The Central street can be reached on foot. There is no public transport in Atakama. Just a taxi.
If you have any questions about the road from Yuyni (Bolivia) to Atacama (Chile) write in the comments.
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