Sugar loaf with a budget of $0-16-27-95

There are 3 ways to get to Sugar loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): by cable car in a cableway, on foot and by helicopter. Entertainment budget from free to Rs 350 ($95). In Portuguese sugar head sounds-Pão de Açúcar.


Official site in Brazil: bondinho
Address: Tiburcio square (Praça Gen. Tibúrcio, 520-Urca)
Mode of operation Pão de Açúcar: from 8: 00-21: 00 (for details on the mode of operation, see the website or read below)

This attraction has 3 stations:

  1. Beach Vermelha  — the lowest, where there is a ticket office and begins the ascent by cable car. The last teleferico up leaves at 8 PM.
  2. Morro da Urca — the second station: observation deck, helicopter, toilets, cafes, ticket office, it offers beautiful views of Rio, the ocean and the mountain. Cashier at the second station
    The last cable car up leaves at 8-20 PM.
  3. Station «Sugar loaf Mountain» (Pão de Açúcar) — observation deck, cafes, souvenir shops. The last cable car down leaves at 20:40.


How to get by bus from different parts of Rio de Janeiro

  • From Botafogo street arcade please (Rua da Passagem rhohv) direct buses N 1о7, 582 or walk 2-3 km.
Route from Botafogo
Route from Botafogo
  • From Copacabana to sugar loaf can be reached by bus N 581, 443, 583 ( pass along the street Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana), N 2382 ( passes along the street closest to the beaches of avenida Atlantica) or on the windshield look for the inscription “Pão de Açúcar”.
Direct buses from Copacabana
Direct buses from Copacabana
  • From Santa Teresa on the street Tunel Santa Barbara on N 426, then from the square Juliano Mareira still on foot 20 minutes: first on the street Venceclau Bras, then right until the end of.

Location of the main ticket sales office
Location of the main ticket sales office

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From other areas you need to get with transfers. Prices for bus travel in Rio de Janeiro 3.84 real ($1). In Brazil, public transport has its own characteristics: often the driver drives past the stop for reasons unknown to foreigners, you need to wave your hand in advance (local use your index finger, pulling it forward), while you need to have time to see in advance the route you want.
In General, all this can take quite a lot of precious vacation time. If you do not have a lot of it, it is better to take a taxi.

Climbing the mountain on a teleferico

The cable car is the most popular way to climb the mountain. Tickets at the box office to the upper station-RS 110 ($30) / elderly and children under 12 years-RS 55 ($15), it is called in Portuguese «meia»; in the machine tickets are Rs 99 ($27 )/49 ($ 13) , but there are more queues here.

The machines to purchase tickets at a discount

It is better to buy a ticket in advance on the website also at a discount and without waiting in line.

Turns sometimes terrible, and of course in a booth especially you do not enjoy views.

Fewer people, according to Google before 9 am and from 10 to 14 hours .

Attention! Closer to closing, be careful when buying a ticket, there is a high probability not to have time for the second turn.


Walking on sugar loaf

You can walk to Morro da urca station or to Pão de Açúcar. These routes are popular with local youth and sports Brazilians.

If you go from the cash register through the area to the beach and face it, the beginning of the trail will be on the left.


First turn the mountain starts after 300 meters you will see the pointer. The rise is quite easy and unhurried step takes about an hour. From here you can buy a ticket up Rs 59 ($ )/29 (from 2 stations to 3 and back to the second) or down for Rs 39 ($ )/19.

Wonderful track through the jungle, freshness, nature sounds of Brazil, beautiful views of the ocean and the sugar head, Rio.

The ascent directly to Pau de asugar begins after another 800 meters:

it is necessary from the beginning of the track all the time to go straight along the ocean (past the turn to mount Morra and urca ) and hit the beginning of the ascent. The rise is more difficult, but the goal is more ambitious.

The idea: to climb on foot on the sugar head, buy a ticket down to the 2 station and walk down another path.

Entrance to the trail is free, the mode of operation of the trail 08: 30-18: 00


By helicopter

The third way, which of course can be combined with others-is to fly a helicopter over the mountain sugar head at the price of Rs 350($95) . You can order at one of the stations, in numerous agencies in Rio de Janeiro or on the Internet.

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