Santo Domingo: transport from the city to the airport

Near the capital of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican airport «Las Americas» (32 km from the city center of Santo Domingo and 12 km from the resort of Boca Chica) or»Jos Francisco Peñ a Gó mez International Airport». It is the main in the country and serves regular flights, unlike the airports of Punta Cana, La Romana and Puerto Plata, which take mainly Charter tourist routes from Europe and America. From here you can fly to other countries of Central America.
Today, a useful article on how to get to the airport from Santo Domingo or Boca Chica.

You can get there by yourself in several ways:

  • By bus, take the route «Santo Domingo-Boca Chica». The bus station in Santodomingo is located at the intersection of Avenida Jose Marti and calle Francisco Henriques y Carvajal, near the Park Enriquillo.

To warn the Barker-conductor or the driver to stop at the fork in the aeroport — it is near the overpass, but the road is better to follow, preferably on the map.
Flights go from dawn to about 7 PM every 20-30 minutes, on occupancy. When is the last bus station on the exact time could not say, apparently, there is a demand — there is proposal. We left at 7 o’clock in the evening. A ticket to the overpass costs 70 Dominican pesos ($1.4) from the Domingo. In the way about a half hour.

bus station on the route Santo Domingo-Boca Chica

At the fork of the passengers waiting motoconcho (motorcycle-taxi). The fare to the airport 20-50 DOP ($0.4-1), late in the evening they may no longer be on foot about 2 km.the Road is wide, there is something like a curb, in the evening the traffic is not high, in General, not dangerous.

  • Taxi to downtown $30-40 on the official statement SICHALA on the road in 30 minutes. Or order in advance via the Internet at the link.
  • Transfer . The company is on the top floor of the airport. In the city you can leave Enriquillo Park.

How to get to the airport from Boca Chica

Get on any minibus in the village, next to the road, they all go to the capital. Or sit right at the highway behind the overpass. Get to the turn to the airport, the ticket is about 20 DOP ($0.4).

Today told how to get from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to the airport by bus. Were glad to help if helped…)

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