El Tunco (El Salvador) → border of Guatemala

If you are tired of the measured life on the ocean coast and the soul to ask for the road, you will be useful to know how to get from El Tunco to the border of Guatemala.
In Spanish it sounds like this:» Como llegar de El Tunco a frontera Guatemala?»

Intersection in El Tunco, transport towards the border of Guatemala

First you need to go in the direction of Acajutla. To go before reaching the village on the crossroads side of the border.
One old man said there’s a direct bus from El Tunco at about 6: 00 in the morning. The other, which runs every 2.5 -3 hours approximately 6: 00 am, 9: 00 am …First we overslept, and the second never saw.

That is, in the truest bass in Acajutla we have not got. What can be done?
To begin with, it takes 50 cents to get to La Perla. There from somewhere in the mountains there is a bus 12 hours to Acajutla. There arrived 2 more tourists and began to wait for noon. We were lucky: we were hitchhiked almost to the end, the money was not taken.

La Perla, buses to the border of Guatemala

SA 12 to the highway can also be reached from Anacapa towards Sonsonate (unfortunately the schedule is not prompt.), it’s right and the borderSalvador’ Guatemala is left. Across the road transplanted immediately to the border ( frontera), the price of the bus to the border of 90 cents, there and written.

Bus Acajutla-Sonsonate

El Salvador changed a lot of money. You don’t have to pay for the crossing. Then walk about 1 km. From Guatemala a few exchangers.
Transport from border  to Guatemala-city, schedule: 13-30, 14-20, 16-00, costs 50 Quetzales.

El Salvador-Guatemala Border

Arrives at the Central de transferencias station-there you need go up and take the transmetro. This is a land metro with wheels))) they have their own line and go fast. Are worth 1 Quetzal. There’s a box where you can get change.

The whole trip took 12 hours. This, of course, is a rather complicated way. But we were, first, intresting. Secondly, there are also many transfers through the capital: El Tunco — San Salvador- Sonsonate- border.

Дорога из Эль Тунко в Гватемалуперекресток в Эль Тунко на Акахутлуавтобусы из Эль Тунко, Сальвадор в сторону Гватемалыдорога из ЭльТунко в Гватемалу до границыграница Сальвадор Гватемалаграница между Сальвадором и Гватемалой


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