Read to anyone going to Brazil. Robbery everywhere!

Unfortunately, in Brazil, for all its charms, there is one important, you can even say total, circumstance — robbery. It happens always, almost everywhere, and with almost everyone. From tourist destination exception — the city of Curitiba, Foz de Iguazu. Like, there is calm and seemingly safely. And the Brazilians call Curitiba an ideal city to live in.

We ourselves used to laugh at the warnings in the guidebooks: «be careful!», «Hide the money!», «Do not go without a guide!»- laughed, but still tried not to walk in the dark. Although in Brazil it does not help. Rob day, Rob the people on the busy streets and attractions. Can Rob a cute boy on a bike, a minute ago, friendly smiling at you, or a group of runners, so beautiful running at sunset on the beach. As one of our friends said: «the Robber was very intelligent, did not wave a knife, did not threaten, but simply asked to give everything he had»

After what happened with us in the robbery, which happened at the very end of a trip to South America, we began to read other people’s stories and realized that nothing themselves to criticize for their lack of vigilance that nothing lost track of the time till evening, and other reproaches to your address. Being robbed in Rio de Janeiro is perhaps more likely than being photographed under the statue of Christ the Saviour without the crowds of tourists.

Safety precautions, useful devices for travel:
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  • leave home all the jewelry, jewelry, too, not to attract attention;
  • keep documents in a bag under your clothes, when you move from the airport or from the hotel-see protective covers on Ali;
  • carry only a copy of the documents for a walk;
  • money stored in known places on a grandmother’s method, the pockets have a little thing for the blind, you can use flat wallets on the pin of pouches or holsters and wear a t-shirt if you need to bring with you to the beach or a money card, then put in waterproof bags and swim with them, another option is to hide in shoes, Slippers, socks, Shoe insole;
  • instead of beautiful backpacks and handbags wear the usual type of » shoes»;
  • do not dress very much bright and elegant;
  • walking in groups, one guide in the form of a young girl will not save you;
  • of course not to take with you in a backpack laptops, and phones and cameras to leave in the room, if it’s just a walk or a hike to the beach;
  • upload photos daily;
  • leave the keys at the reception (or remove the hotel name signs), God forbid you to go back to the room after you were robbed on the beach, and find the same and empty room, and this happens;
  • not walk very late (not always helps, but all same);
  • do not walk in the center on Saturday and Sunday, the city is empty;
  • do not stop when you are trying to talk to the local;
  • get up and leave when you sit down on the beach local;
  • ….not to go to Brazil?

What to do if the robber attacked:

  • not to try to win back the and to enter a fight, another matter-if the robber one and without a knife, and you are sure of the forces;
  • there were cases when children, trying to win back a backpack, dropped out on the carriageway and they were hit by the car;
  • of course you can scream, maybe it’ll help, though the local will not stand up;
    try to negotiate with the thieves, if the bag is something valuable, and buy their things, that’s why it is useful to do stash.

In the Leblon area there is a tourist police office, where we went, hoping (naive)that our backpacks will suddenly be magically. We were only given a hand, told that such as we thousands every day comes, and none of the police will not risk their lives and climb into the favelas to find our backpacks. And one of the two policemen who brought us to the office even shook hands with the tourist police officer, after he realized that we will not continue to swing this case.
Although all Brazilians note the high crime rate in Brazil and in Rio in particular, it is not visible to people that they were very much on guard: girls carelessly go with handbags on the shoulder, young people without fear holding a phone that is easy to pull out. In India, for example, the trains fasten a suitcase on a metal chain to his belt-that’s safety.

On new year’s eve on the beach was traditionally a large-scale party and, as they say, robbed very often. That is, every 5 minutes there was a cry of help, the robber ran headlong, he was caught and severely beaten. But what will one new year’s eve change? Several dozen to death hammered guys will not change fundamentally the situation with crime.
In the center feed the poor, but we read the story of how the girl was stabbed with a knife and took her purse right there on the ladder of Celeron that in the same area as you was in a taxi. Max what will help you to bring it to the house or to call an ambulance, if you happened to be something more serious. And if you just took things, then sympathize at best, and often just give yourself pleasure, gaping from the side.

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