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Bolivia is located in the heart of South America and is landlocked.  I would like to say what an interesting, colorful, original country it is, but this will all be said loosely. Bolivia is the best thing that can happen to a traveler. But if you are planning a short vacation in Bolivia and arrive from places where there are few mountains, then buy mountain sickness pills with you on the road.

The population speaks Spanish, as well as Quechua and Aymara, but English is bad.



Places Of Interest In Bolivia

One of the most beautiful and famous places is, of course, Salar de Uyuni or saline. Usually tourists take tours for 3 days from $150 and go far into the Colorado valley, stop at the salt lakes where flamingos live, hot springs, cactus island. They settle tourists in the most modest hostels, sometimes even in common rooms, which are quite cool, to put it mildly. Earlier, we described how you can visit Salar de Uyuni for free and wrote there that you should take with you on the tour.

соленое озеро в УюниСалар де УюниЗеркало Уюни в БоливииБоливия Уюни, фотоУюни, фото

Death road is a popular route along the old road from La Paz to Coroico. It has been closed to public transport for 7 years. Bike tours start at $ 50. But any routes in Bolivia are extreme, for example from La Paz to Chulumani. Be sure to sit in the first viewing seat.

Toro Toro (Potosi region) is a must-visit! Classic canyon with steep walls, plus interesting tracks, and dinosaur tracks if you stretch your imagination. They say the Park is not allowed without guides, as it is dangerous. But all of these can be done for free.

La Paz is very much praised , it is really worth visiting. Beautiful historical Central part plus funiculars as public transport, where you can ride and admire the city from above. Nearby is the equally famous moon valley. In this article we have described one of the secret the secret to visit.

vallede la luna


The jungle and pampas

And this is in Bolivia. A night on the bus from La Paz to Rurrenabake and you are in a different climate region: living in the jungle, hunting Anaconda, flooded fields, crocodiles, monkeys, swimming with dolphins. All prices and nuances of tours in the jungle on the link.


Roads In Bolivia

Bolivian roads are solid rides of death: without safety fences with very sharp turns over the precipice, often without asphalt and terribly dusty. Sometimes buses go directly along the riverbed. During the rainy season, some roads are closed, as they become dangerous due to frequent landslides and landslides.

Buses are often old, the seats do not work well and the seat back does not recline, the window will not open, there is no Internet in the buses, and there are no toilets either. But the prices are budget. And they’re fun! Each bus is a real work of art.

дороги боливии

The average price for 3 hours on the road is 20 bolivianos ($2.89), 4 hours — 30 ($4.34), but you can also drive 8 hours for 35))). Trading in Bolivia is normal.


Housing: prices and service

On average, budget housing (a separate room for two) costs $ 12. In 99% of cases, there are no towels, soap and hygiene paper, sometimes the bed linen is not fresh, sometimes there is no mirror… In General, for the same money from the budget housing section in Peru, for comparison with Bolivia, the service is better. The water in the shower was often cold.

Booked accommodation as standard on airbnb (if you register using the link for a bonus of $ 20) or booking.com.


Price for products

Bolivia is a cheap country and food prices are low. Let’s give a few examples: 10 BOB=$1.45.

Eggs 6 PCs 5BOB, vegetables 3-5 BOB/ kg, jam 7Bs, cookies 6Bs, 2 sweet rolls (viscocho) 1 Bs, soft goat cheese 6Bs for 250 Gr, sausage 35Bs per kg, beer 10 Bs, wine 20 Bs, cigarettes 10Bs.

Large supermarkets are rare. Basically, this is street trading in markets or just in small shops, paying most often in cash.


Internet and communications

The most popular mobile communications in Bolivia are viva, tigo, and entel. In Toro Toro only entel works, there is no Internet, as in Chulumani. In Coroico the Internet is better, but still not in every hotel. In La Paz, cards are sometimes distributed free of charge in the Central square. In any case, if you buy (price 10BOB) — ask to be activated immediately. Separately, you need to buy another card with money

When activating, you are asked to enter the document number, first name, last name, mother’s name, father’s name, birthday, from the context you can guess, but it is still better to ask the seller to activate when buying.

How do I connect to the Internet? The cards contain the main commands. You type, choose a tariff.


ATMs and currency

The currency in Bolivia is the boliviano, abbreviated as the second world war. It’s pretty stable. 10 boliviano=$1.45

There are many different banks. Banco Union and Visa ATM withdrawals were made without Commission. There are no ATMs in Chulumani, Toro Toro.

In conclusion, a few more photos of Bolivia from the city of Torotoro, where we were on a local holiday.

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