How to get from Punta Cana airport to Bavaro

Punta Cana airport is the most popular if you fly from Europe to the Dominican Republic. But still need to get to the resorts. Today about how to get from Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic to Bavaro and to the Paradise beaches.

The resort village of Bavaro can be reached in several ways:

  • By taxi 35-40 $. As soon as you leave the airport, they expect a lot, even if you arrive late flight.
  • By the collective taxi-bus (collective). They are a little further away, in the center of the square-Parking. It is possible and necessary to bargain. We drove for $ 15 for two, the company of the Spaniards paid $ 30 for three, so $ 10 per person. Minibus collective will take you directly to the hotel or to the address, it is enough to tell the driver about it.
    Speaking Spanish will play Into you.

Therefore, You can be useful conversational phrases:

«Cuanto cuesta a Bavaro por una persona/por dos personas/ por todos?»(How much to Bavaro for one/for two/for all?)
«Puedo / Podemos pagar solo diez / quince/ veinte dollars» (Can/Can only pay $ 10/15/20)

  • Book a transfer in advance. For a large company it is very profitable, the machine is large about 60-70 $. For example, this link
    On the Internet there is information that the airport of Punta Cana is visited by buses of the company Bavaro Express, which follow from Santo Domingo to Bavaro and , indeed , the stop «Punta Cana airport» is present in the bus route, but we did not go this way.

There is no airport stop in the direction from Bavaro to Santo Domingo. And yet, in the direction of Bavaro airport bus will be approximately in 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 18:30

On the city bus . Throughout the coast and the surrounding area there are local basses from early morning until evening (finish walking at night, around 18 hours) – it can be a direct bus or with one transfer in the city of Verona (Veron). The fare on these buses is 30-40 pesos ($0.60-0.80 cents). They probably stop around the airport. We saw these buses to Bavaro, run every 20 minutes, but we only used them when we left the Bavaro beach area at the bass terminal.

City buses to Bavaro

Stores in Bavaro, exchange offices and ATMs

Supermarket near the hotel «Mehadia». Bread, sausages are expensive, Marlborough cigarettes 270 pesos ($5). A good store right on the same road at the crossroads, a landmark — a tray of juices. At the same intersection to the right — exchanger.
Supermarket more- «morning» in the direction of Veroni. Get there 30-40 pesos.
In early October, almost no fruit and prices are not attractive.
In the Dominican Republic, cards are accepted in many stores, often asking for a passport or driver’s license.

There are no ATMs in the village, there is in the neighboring Friusa, where the bus station Express Bavaro (Express Bavaro).
Remember that at the airport Punta Cana-tax $ 10 at the entrance and 10 at the exit, at other airports in the Dominican Republic is not. Pay only in cash or online in advance
At the airport, the course is unprofitable. You can get there for dollars. There is an ATM at Punta Cana airport.

Exchanger in Bavaro

How much time to spend in Bavaro

If time allows 4-5 days laze around can be.
Season in the Dominican Republic begins in mid-October. In the beginning of the month the little people. Everything is painted and putty. Lots of seaweed on the beach.

On Airbnb link you can get a discount on new housing up to 40%

How to go to the beach?

Complain that in Bavaro there are a lot of closed residences and on a beach not to get. We lived in this hotel Yara beach apartohotel ( if you look at the map, in this place just a lot of paths leading to the sea) to the beach 4 minutes. The road directly to the sea, no closed entrances.

We hope you were useful article «how to get from Punta Cana airport to Bavaro» and you no longer have any questions if you arrive in the Dominican Republic. And if left — write in the comments. And have a nice holiday in Bavaro and Dominican Republic.

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