Climbing the corcovado Christ the Redeemer

The statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro is one of Brazil’s most famous landmarks. The monument is called the statue of the Redeemer and in Portuguese it sounds «corvocado».

  • The height of the statue of Christ — only 38 meters.
  • Where it is: in the national Park of Tijuca, the beginning of the trail to the mountain Coronado in the North-Eastern part of the Park Laga, which is located at the Jardim Botânico 414


In addition to the classic visit by train and bus, you can climb the mountain to Christ on foot along the trail through the jungle, as well as on the sugar loaf, which we offer to do if you like Hiking in nature.

  • How to get there:

From the area Botafogo walking distance to Park, Laga 20-30 minutes down the street to Jardin Botanica. From the beaches by direct bus 584 or by taxi and Shuttle.


Taxi in Rio de Janeiro costs about 30-40 reais (about $10), so if you are a company, it is more convenient and reliable to use the transfer. In addition, it may take more than an hour by bus.

  • Trail description

From the beginning of the trail in the Park 3.6 km + 700 meters in the Park. Slowly you can climb up for 2.5 hours, 1.5 hours back. The Park itself is quite old and interesting: you can visit the art museums, Palace, cave, aquarium museums. Everything is free to visit. The Park has a lot of old beautiful trees and monkeys, but it is inconvenient to walk with a baby carriage.

Before climbing the mountain to Christ, you need to register in the journal. Throughout almost to the top of the trail goes through the forest-go fresh. On the way there are small waterfalls and you can freshen up. Everywhere pointers-it is difficult to get lost.

Half the road is pretty easy, the rest goes to the roots of the trees as you go down steep stairs. In one place 20 meters you need to climb on the metal supports.

Almost at the very end of the trail crosses the railway and then you can go further, and soon go to the roadway, but it is inconvenient to go there: the road is narrow, and a lot of minibuses. It is better to climb the railway tracks, but at the end, where hangs a sign prohibiting the movement of pedestrians on the rails, turn on the road.

After hundred meters is the cashier. Entrance 29 reals. On the mountain almost everywhere bushes and especially there is no review, except in one place.

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