Santo Domingo ↔ Sosua, Puerto Plata

Need reliable information on how to get from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata and Sosua by bus? Read the rest and will know more, were buy food cheap and take many by ATM.

  • The address of one of the bus companies (with the most budget cost of tickets) from Santo Domingo via Perto Plata to Sosua is name- Transporte del Cibao CxA: the intersection of Calle Caracas and Calle 11 de Julio: if you go to the square – Park Enriquillo (parque Enriquillo) and look at it from South to North, then you need the street Calle Caracas will be in the upper left corner of the square.
The layout of the streets and bus station

On the same street always laid out traders with all sorts of junk, go on this street right through them, after the second intersection on the left is the hangar of the company, where buses depart.

If that, ask the local » Autobas para Puerto Plata «or in Spanish:»Como llegar a Puerto Plata o Sosua»? They are very friendly and will take you directly to the terminal.

The bus schedule of this company from Santo Domingo to Dominican Republic: 6-30, 10-00, 13-00, about 3.5 hours, ticket price 300 DOP ($6). On the way to Puerta Plata or Sosua 1 stop. Buses are comfortable, clean, with curtains, air conditioning and wi-Fi.

The area of parque Enriquillo is the area, which are concentrated around the bus company on which you can reach almost any place in the Dominican Republic. This is the Central area of the city and this part is called Duarte. And if, for example, you stop in any of the districts of Santo Domingo take the local city bus, where it says Duarte and/or the conductor-shill screams in 3 throat the name of the areas along the bus route. Travel in the city buses costs about 25-30 cents in terms of U.S. dollars.

By the way ! Near the bus station there is an ATM ban Reserva, where you can withdraw cash without a fee. Located at Mega Trafico supermarket (at the intersection of Huan Pablo Duarte street and Mexico Avenue) — it is 2 crossroads below towards Down town from the square.

  • To go to Puerto Plata and Sosua from Santo Domingo can also be carrier Caribe Tours, here the ticket is already more expensive — 350 Domin.peso\7$, buses are also comfortable, with condition and Internet. Company site

The terminal of this company is located at Avenida 27 de Febrero-av. Leopoldo Navarro, 2-3 km from the historic center.

the location of the company Caribe tours, the landmark flyover

Came back this company because didn’t find a place of departure of buses of the company on which arrived.

To the village of Sosua buses do not reach literally 1-1.5 km, and» unload » passengers at the Caribo tour terminal. Here you will find taxi drivers and motorbikes. Price from 50 pesos per person\$ 1, taxi can be taken collectively. To the same village as the city buses and minibuses-collective (buses cost 25, minibuses 50 pesos). To go 5 minutes, but in the hill.

Taxi drivers will convince you that the buses do not go, but it is not. And buses and minibuses are. Get on absolutely any bus or minibus in the same direction as arrived. They all follow the route on Cabarete and stop in the same way, of course, on the track. Please contact Your hotel or apartment in advance and find out the landmarks, as the house numbers in the village are almost nowhere indicated.

Shops and ATMs in Sosua

Many exchangers, the rate is about the same. There are a couple of small pharmacies Super Pola.
From supermarkets :

  • Super Pola: crossroads of the highway and Antonio Javier street + Scotiabank ATM

  • Playero: on Pedro Clisante street first near the beach, second in the center near hotel Europa + ATM Vapso Reservas
  • as many small, in which the prices are about the same, but the choice is less.
  • Fruits are more profitable to buy in pickups (they drive around the city from time to time and notify about their approach from the loudspeaker). For example, pineapple 35 pesos\0,7$, papaya 40 pesos.

Schedule from Sosua to Santo Domingo 4:50, 6:20..and so every hour, the last 18: 20

That’s all for today. We hope you all understand how to get from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Sosua and Puerto Plata.
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